Race Against Dementia


Race Against Dementia

45 million people around the world have dementia today. One in three people will get dementia in their lifetime. A new person gets dementia every three seconds. This crisis cannot continue.

Founded by Formula 1 racing legend Sir Jackie Stewart, Race Against Dementia raises money to fund breakthrough and innovative dementia research.


What we do

Many people around the world – charities, organisations and government – have been working hard but we still have no way to prevent or cure dementia.

We fuel and enable the most ambitious, innovative and breakthrough dementia research. To do this we must connect the best research talent from around the world. We are not afraid to embrace the new and we never lose sight of our goal.

Formula 1.

Formula 1 attitude

Speed, precision, fierce determination - that’s how you win a race in Formula 1.

Sir Jackie brings a lifetime of Formula 1 experience and attitude into Race Against Dementia: hard-work, innovation and courage. We distil this spirit into our efforts, to achieve breakthrough results with pace.


Dementia, the facts

One in three people will get dementia in their lifetime: a new case every three seconds. Already 45 million people around the world have dementia, this number is only going to get bigger. We need to find a way to prevent and cure dementia.


"45 million people suffer from dementia today. That’s not a number we can ignore. my darling wife Helen is one of them."

Lady Helen and Sir Jackie have been married for 55 years, but Helen is now in a battle with dementia.


Helen & Jackie

Helen was Jackie’s stopwatch: the love of his life and a razor-sharp mind that timed his laps to the millisecond. The woman who once kept Jackie on the clock is now confronted by a disorder currently with no cure.

Her battle is Sir Jackie’s race.


Help us in the race against dementia

Your donation will help fund ground breaking global research into new treatments and preventions that will ultimately cure dementia.

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